Economic efficiency

Elabo Trainingsystems lead the way as regards functionality and ergonomics and they last a very long time. It takes just a few upgrades here and there to bring them in line with innovative developments in technology and changes in industry. Also, the instruments and furniture withstand without difficult the many stresses of everyday school use. The amount of care required is minimal. When the systems are in use, repairs are needed only very rarely, even over a long period of time. And after many years in operation, Elabo equipment still makes an excellent impression and is representative of the high quality of the training that the students receive.

 Grund 9-1   Ready to meet the demands of the future
Elabo Trainingsystems embody modular equipment concepts. They are so universal that, apart from a few specialized products, they can be used in almost all areas in the electrical and electrical engineering professions. In addition, because they are modular, configurations can be modified and expanded at any time without any problem. As a result they can be easily adapted to new teaching contents and support innovative pedagogical concepts. This flexibility - typical for Elabo - means they will meet the challenges of the future. 

 Grund 9-2   Capable of withstanding changes
The furniture can withstand change, including frequent modifications of the configurations, without a problem. To achieve this, screw connections, for example, are made chiefly only in metal pedestals where they do not pull out, as happens with screw connections in wood. This way they remain stable over a long period of time. 

 Grund 9-3   Consistent precision
The electrical devices from Elabo have a proverbial reputation for lasting a long time. The measuring and test equipment make an impression because of their consistent measuring accuracy. And if any deviations occur, the Elabo calibration service is immediately ready to step in and fix things. 

 Grund 9-4   Always ready for use, right down to the last detail
The long-term usability of the equipment depends sometimes on details that are not immediately apparent. For example: the lettering of the text describing the functions on electronic devices must be extremely durable so that the devices can be properly used over many years. This is why Elabo uses the screen print process to apply the lettering on the front panels, which are coated with powder stoving enamel. The combination of screen printing/powder stoving makes the lettering uniquely resistant to abrasion. 

 Grund 9-5   Awareness of everyday wear and tear
Many design elements make it clear how consistently practical knowledge has been used to secure a long and useful lifetime. For example, the cabinet doors have an extremely wide opening angle that protects the hinges from being torn out. In addition, the cabinets are fitted with impact-proof corners and edges that are reinforced by special edging strips. The pedestals are glued with waterproof glue and cannot be harmed by contact with moisture, such as typically occurs when the rooms are cleaned. Careful prevention pays off. 

 Grund 9-6   A durable well-kept image
The devices and furniture barely show any traces of wear. For example, surfaces are low-maintenance and dirt and stain resistant. They are proof against impact, cuts and scratches as well as resistant to heat and acids. Thus, even after years of use, Elabo equipment still looks good and shows its high quality. 

 Grund 9-7   Inexpensive spare parts and availability guarantee
Typical wear parts can be replaced simply and at low cost. Table edges, for example, suffer a lot of wear and tear in everyday school life. The backs of chairs are banged against them and some students absent-mindedly scrape away at them. The edges can be replaced in next to no time and are remarkably inexpensive. In addition, our customers can rely on the fact that if they need to obtain spare parts for Elabo products in later years, they will find what they are looking for. We guarantee that. Long-term.