Large amount of net teaching time

Time is a precious commodity, particularly where training is concerned. The learning targets are extremely challenging, but usually the time available to meet them is in short supply. If possible, every minute should be used to teach and reinforce the course content. The entire Elabo system is designed to save time in every conceivable way, both in large conceptual elements as well as in small details, all of which taken together can achieve considerable effects.

Grund 6-1   Short distances save time
Learning takes place at the workstation, and any walking cuts into study time. Elabo has therefore designed the range of storage systems in such a way that most material can be stored directly at the workstation. Short distances save time and promote the intensity of the learning process. 

Grund 6-2   Immediate availability
The superstructures are a special design element for housing the tools required at the student workstation. The power supply and measuring devices can be solidly integrated and are permanently ready to function. The need for students to walk around collecting, connecting and adjusting devices at the start of the lesson is kept to a minimum. 

Grund 6-3   Understanding operating concepts quickly
The plug-in modules containing the devices are very clearly structured and user-friendly. How to use them can be quickly learned and easily remembered. Uncertainty, operating errors and questions hardly ever occur. 

Grund 6-4   Maximum efficiency thanks to perfect preparation
It takes a lot of time to configure each individual student workstation for a specific test program if each student has to set things up himself. But that does not have to be the case. Using Elabo EHP software and network technology, the instructor can program the workstations from a central location, with little expenditure of time, before the lesson starts. This avoids set-up errors on the part of the students and any attempts to disrupt classes are eliminated. 


Grund 6-5   Mobility prevents additional work: (1) for instructors
The teaching time available to instructors is limited. Frequently required demonstrations need to be installed just once if they are mounted on mobile demo units. Once they have been used they can be parked in the teaching aids room and do not clog up the classroom. 

Grund 6-6   Mobility prevents additional work: (2) for students
Students are offered the same benefits. If they are expected to work on test set-ups in several teaching units, the experiments are mounted on mobile learning trainers (MLT). Once the lesson is over, the MLTs are wheeled into the preparation room and brought out again for the next teaching unit. In this way, multiple assembly and disassembly is avoided.

Grund 6-7   Correcting faults immediately
Faults can never be entirely eliminated. But with Elabo EHP, faults that occur, for example, because of technical operating errors can be very quickly identified even during the actual experiments and can be corrected without any further delay. 


 Grund 6-le   Quick start, quick stop
Rapid-acting lock systems on the cabinets and all other storage facilities, as well as the central release of the locks and the devices, help start and end lessons without delay in the classroom.