Flexibility + handling

Elabo systems are enormously practical and have a wide range of uses. They do not put any obstacles in the way of future change. On the contrary, they are even now preparing the way for expanded applications. They make it easy for the teachers and instructors to concentrate on their core task - teaching. The devices and furniture are easy to use and can be quickly and easily adapted to new projects. Also, they take up very little space, particularly when they are temporarily not being used. The efficiency of Elabo systems is based on a wealth of practical experience.

 Grund 3-1   Flexible use of space
Using Elabo TrainingSystems it is possible to create universal classrooms and to convert them quickly into specialized teaching facilities. By means of lowering technology and experimental frames, theory classrooms can be turned in a few seconds into highly specialized rooms dedicated to practical instruction. Mobile demo units with prepared presentations focus, for example, on control technology, mechatronics or communications technology. When instructors and students leave the room, it is turned again into the universal classroom it was beforehand. Thus, completely different subjects can be taught in the rooms without having to undertake any costly and time-consuming conversion measures. 

 Grund 3-11   Fast and highly variable configurations
Using Elabo's modular system kits, student and instructor workstations can be very individually designed. Frequently, interlinked tables are re-arranged. Also, it is possible at any time to implement fundamental adaptations to meet new demands and also to introduce innovative teaching concepts. For example, standard tables from the InForm program can be expanded by adding under-table cabinets, superstructures and plug-in modules. 

 Grund 3-2   Simple upgrading or replacement of parts and devices
Making changes is not a complicated matter. Take, for example, the changing of plug-in modules in the superstructures, which is done quite simply by hand. The devices are inserted like modules on the slide rails. The power connection plugs are integrated into the respective rear walls. In this way, without the use of tools, rapid contact can be made with the power cable harness, which is a standard installation. 

 Grund 3-3   Open system
Elabo TrainingSystems are widely compatible, and most existing tools can be incorporated without any problems. For example, teaching aids from almost all major suppliers can be used on the Elabo experimental frames. Similarly, electronic measuring and test devices and other instruments and devices from third-party manufacturers can be included in an Elabo system. They can also be connected to the Elabo EHP NeT via standardized interfaces.


 Grund 3-4   Space-saving and mobile
Floor area and usable space are precious in a school, whether in the classrooms or in the storage rooms. When designing the furniture, devices and tools, Elabo pays attention to making highly efficient and economical use of space. Even large installation cabins can be folded together to save space and take up very little storage room. Cabinets and InForm furniture can also be broken down into individual components for moves, or when they are temporarily not needed, and they can be stowed away in a compact manner.