Professional competence

Elabo Trainingsystems provide teachers and instructors with a wide range of support in carrying out their teaching tasks and in preparing sophisticated state-of-the-art course material. In addition to strengthening their competence in teaching, they also gain more authority in the way they lead the class. 

 Grund 5-1   Convincing technical superiority
With technical knowledge, the instructors create the basis for gaining the students' trust. Elabo is their reliable partner, providing them with high-quality, up-to-date teaching material that can be used to create informative, interesting and varied classes. In addition, Elabo is there to help them with seminars and training sessions to upgrade their knowledge. They are kept well informed about the further development of technologies as well of standards and guidelines. 

 Grund 5-2   Clear presentation of the course content
Easy-to-follow courses increase the success achieved by the instructors. That is why they are happy to use demonstration material provided by Elabo. The instructors can make difficult concepts easy to understand using the clearly designed test set-ups, circuits and measuring devices provided by Elabo. In this way the instructors can hold the attention of their students and steer their receptiveness in the right direction. 


 Grund 5-3   Straight to the point
Idleness kills the willingness to concentrate. Therefore, Elabo systematically supports the instructors in packing a great deal of content into the courses and in teaching the material without gaps. Our software and network technology are a significant help. For example, using the experimental board configurator, all the students' devices can be set up by the instructors in advance. The students do not have to engage in any "boring" set-up work. Another tried and proven concept are mobile units that allow demonstrations of experiments to be put together before the instruction begins. At the start of the lesson the demo trolley is wheeled into the classroom, and immediately the attention of the students is directed to the new technical installation.

 Grund 5-4   Central control of the teaching
Instructors should be put in a position that allows them to capture the students' attention and also permits them to monitor and control what the students are doing. The demo objects are helpful in this case because they are designed in such a way that they can be presented from a central location and can still be easily identified even from the maximum distances that are possible in classrooms.
Vice versa, from their position the instructors can keep an eye on what is happening at the students' stations - they can do this on their monitor, via Elabo EHP Net. They can thus detect mistakes and intervene at an early stage. If students encounter any problems, the instructor can to some extent detect the complications on his screen and immediately provide a response and assistance to the student. Finally, by means of an interception circuit, they can quickly track down any student who is fooling around with the emergency shut-off.

 Grund 5-5   Learning quality through precise documentation
A student's interest in learning is often greatest after a successful or a failed experiment. In order to make a sound analysis and provide an explanation of the events, the instructor requires accurate data on the settings, sequences and measuring results. He gets this information from the automatic documentation that forms part of the Elabo EHP software. 


Grund 5-6    Authority through comprehensible evaluation
Without any additional effort, the marks given for a student's performance in practical experiments can be placed on a particularly valid and transparent footing because all the work done is exactly documented and archived. Even several months later, the actions and achievement of each student can be reproduced and evaluated. This noticeably increases the reliability of the marking procedure and boosts the students' confidence in the objectivity of the evaluation.