Modular - Sturdy - Economical.

In addition to measuring and test devices, Elabo TestSystems offers innovative automated test systems for a wide range of industrial sectors and products. For more than 30 years Elabo has been an acknowledged partner both of industry and of testing and certification agencies. Providing perfect solutions to meet your requirements is a source of constant stimulation and a challenge to us - it's what we do every day.


Safety testing


Electrical Functionality Control


Mechanical Functionality Control


Esthetics Control


Equipment Control


Load Threshold Tests


Endurance Tests / Lifetime Cycle Tests


Run-in Systems

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Up-to-Date Development Tools

For many years we have been developing our solutions for the electrical and mechanical engineering sectors, using the latest EDP solutions. For example, mechanical adaptation and automation solutions are for the most part developed in "3D".

This means that motions and sequences can be simulated in advance, and thus collisions can be avoided already in the planning phase..

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Strong Base for Developing Worthwhile Projects

Our engineering team can draw on the experience it has gained over 30 years of designing test systems. The know-how that has accumulated in that time, coupled with the constant further development of our systems and approaches, makes it possible to put forward economical and ergonomic solutions.

Technologie 12   Up-to-Date Technologies

The challenge which we face each day is to keep up with technological advances. Elabo is an innovative technological enterprise and as such we never stand still. We are constantly implementing new technologies in our systems and developing new system components. The mastery that we have acquired over image processing technologies in the field of automated test systems, and the integration of optical fibre technology in our measuring and test devices, are examples of this approach.  

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Various Degrees of Automation

Manual or automated? The degree of automation of Elabo systems depends on a number of factors. In addition to economic factors, the high availability and the fatigue-proof monitoring of limit values that is possible with an automated system play an increasingly important role.

Our quality control never gets tired. 

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  Scrupulously Careful Start-Up

We do not want that anything is left to fate. The manufacture of the individual components and their subsequent assembly is therefore followed by an intensive and conscientiously executed start-up phase with documented results..