Cleaning Appliances
From Vacuum Cleaner to High-Pressure Cleaner.

Pressure, flow, current. Various and manifold tests are performed on cleaning equipment. Elabo produces individual test systems that combine all these tests in a single system according to our clients’ desire. In this process, test objects in the form of both "normal" vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners can be provided for.

sicherheitspruefung Safety Tests
elektrikfunktionskontrollen Electric Functionality Control
mechanikfunktionskontrollen Mechanical Functionality Control
aesthetikkontrollen Visual Inspections
bestueckungskontrollen Equipment Control
belastungsgrenztest Load Threshold Tests
dauerlauf Endurance Test / Lifetime Cycle Tests
run_in Run-In Systems
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More than just thin air

How cleaning equipment will perform in extreme situations can be gauged by the measurement of volume flow under various load conditions. Pressure and temperature values are often measured at the same time in order to ensure that heavy loads will not damage the equipment.

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Impressing the end user

The number of HEPA cleaning systems and HEPA filters demonstrates that more and more people expect very high dust collection rates from their equipment and are also prepared to make greater investments in this area. Elabo customers therefore also test their products in quantity using dust measurements to ensure that the dust ends up in the collection bag and not in the ambient air.


Reiniger 3   Working under high pressure

In addition to vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners are the second type of test item tested in Elabo test systems. In this process, pressures are applied in a wide range of conditions and the equipment's responses are documented.