Refrigerators and freezers
From Leakage Current to Refrigerants

From safety and function testing to quality inspection: Refrigerators and freezers are put through their paces with test systems from Elabo. In addition to common measurements (high voltage, PE conductor resistance), refrigerant levels can also be determined and the leaktightness of the cooling circuit can be ensured.

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sicherheitspruefung Safety Tests
elektrikfunktionskontrollen Electric Functionality Control
Schutzleiterwiderstand Protective Conductor Testing

Insulation Resistance Measurement

Hochspannung High-Voltage Testing
Strom Current measurement
Spannung Voltage Measurement
Leistung Power Measurement
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Fluid production flow

Elabo offers its customers suitable solutions for their respective premises as well as for their respective production processes. From individual test systems and test portals in which the devices are tested individually to the integration in existing production lines with automatic contacting, testing and documentation, test systems have been successfully put into operation at customer sites.

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Meeting customer demands

Regardless of whether you want to perform multiple protective conductor tests simultaneously, or if you have special demands for automation, the system specialists at Elabo can draw from a rich pool of experience to design the appropriate solution for your use.