Washing Machines and Dryers
From Device Panels to Saving Energy.

End users expect their washing machines and dryers to function flawlessly – even in critical situations that, for instance, require emergency water shut-off. Elabo has collaborated with the manufacturers in this industry for years, performing safety and function tests and inspections as part of fully automated production lines. 

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Electric Functionality Control


Mechanical Functionality Control

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Determination of Rotational Direction

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Visual Analyses

Druck Pressure Measurement
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Safety... Sicherheit... Securité...

Elabo supplies solutions worldwide. Our company adapts not only to varying national and corporate cultures, but also to different safety requirements and safety concepts.

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Mastering diversity

Every manufacturer today offers a broad spectrum of product lines and products. Timesaving methods to expedite the production process are therefore always of great interest. To accomplish this, Elabo offers flexible systems with mobile parts carrier systems. Identification systems recognize the respective machine types and assign the measured data to the respective test object, which dispenses with tedious reworking and adjustments for individual production lots.


Waschmaschine 3   Doing away with the chaos of paper

Paper chaos was ubiquitous in production and manufacturing as well as quality assurance for many years. With Elabo, this is finally a thing of the past – the copy for management can also be forgotten. Test plans and measured data can be sent directly to the ERP system via a superordinate host PC. As an engineering company, Elabo can naturally realize the integration of other programs as well.


Waschmaschine 4   Consumer product energy testing

Since the introduction of the energy label and uniform categorization from A to E, determining energy consumption data has become a fixed component of the production process for many household appliance manufacturers. Elabo test systems provide solid base data for consumption measurements. In addition to the energy and water consumption for washing machines, other values such as RPMs and temperature are tested.


Waschmaschine 5   Standby consumption – no small matter

Consumption measurements have become the standard for household appliances and are also being advanced politically thanks to energy labeling. Elabo goes one step further, however, and aids the industry in measuring standby consumption. Because minimal consumption in times of rising electricity costs is an additional reason for customers to buy our clients’ products.

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Decisive factors in the realization of test systems include the flexibility, quality and durability of contacting.

Elabo has efficient and time-tested adapters for a wide range of connections and plugs.

Adjustments to another type of test item can be made automatically without the time-consuming refitting of the adapters.