Ranges and Ceramic Stovetops
From Ceran to Gas to Burners

Numerous well-known manufacturers of ranges and stovetops depend on Elabo test systems for safety and function tests and inspections. Generally fully automated, these stations facilitate the flow of the manufacturing process and allow low cycle times, which in turn allow greater quantities to be realized.

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sicherheitspruefung Safety Tests
elektrikfunktionskontrollen Electric Functionality Control
mechanikfunktionskontrollen Mechanical Functionality Control
aesthetikkontrollen Visual Inspections
bestueckungskontrollen Equipment Control
belastungsgrenztest Load Threshold Tests
dauerlauf Endurance Test / Lifetime Cycle Tests
run_in Run-In Systems

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Personal and equipment safety

High standards are applied when bringing ranges and stovetops to market. After all, they are in daily use for years and are constantly being touched by people. Safety tests such as the measurement of PE conductor resistance and the performance of high-voltage tests under "HV warm" operating conditions in accordance with EN 60335-1 or EN50106 have therefore become the standard for test systems..

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Simulating pots and cooking...

With robotics integrated by Elabo, functions integrated in the test object, such as recognition of pot sizes, can be simulated and tested. Operation of rotary selectors and control buttons as well as the adaption of interfaces can also be performed tirelessly and with unexcelled precision by our colleague "Robby."


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  Hit the gas – or the electricity?

New technologies such as induction heating are expanding the field of traditional radiant heaters. Glass-ceramic stovetops have nearly replaced cast-iron versions. Cooking over an open gas flame is also experiencing a renaissance – and not only in professional circles.

Elabo offers testing solutions for all technologies – manual, semi-automated and fully automated.

In the area of gas stovetop inspection, flame-formation tests and seal tests are the main focus to ensure that the appliances can be operated risk-free in private households. Our expertise also extends to function tests using various media.


Herde 7   Circuitry inspection with thermal imaging or inductively?

Our range of services also comprises various ways of inspecting the exact electrical circuitry, for example through the inductive uncoupling of heating coils or by using thermal imaging.

Herde 10   Energy efficiency of the range or stovetop

As a result of increasing energy prices worldwide, private households have become ever more energy conscious in recent years. The energy label has been introduced in order to compare the energy requirements of household appliances such as ranges and stovetops.

In cooperation with the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, Elabo designed test rigs in order to optimally achieve solutions tailored to these needs.

In addition to helping determine energy use, the systems also facilitate the measurement of standby power consumption, a value that is receiving increased attention.