New Energy
Solar- and wind - power ..

In addition to comprehensive safety and function test systems for manufacturers of solar modules and wind-power engines, Elabo also supplies special test equipment to testing institutes and partners in plant engineering and construction. Solar modules and wind-power engines are visible to anyone. However, they become useful only through the addition of a power inverter, which converts the direct current produced by the modules into "outlet current." Elabo builds test portals for its customers that may include measurement of PE conductor resistance, a high-voltage test of various circuits and a function test of the ventilator units.


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For the quality control and for the guarantee of the product safety: High voltage, insulation resistance as well as PE - test are basics of the compulsory programme. 
Elabo has measuring and testing instruments tailored for these fields of application for the construction of process sure test positions in the portfolio. Also for OEM partner Elabo as a reliable partner has guaranteed quality for years. 


Solar - Modules
The quality and durability of solar modules depends on the assemlying process. As a security checking and for control of the processing quality offers Elabo high voltage and function device testers integrated in production lines.


Solar - Switches

To design solar systems disconnectable, special switching units are used. These also must be checked on security and function aspect. Elabo has a broad accumulated experience in the realization of such test stations.

Solar - Power Inverters
The power-inverter makes the energy feeding only possible into the line. Many manufacturers of these inverters have trusted on the competence of Elabo in the construction of economic safety and function device testers for development and series production for years.

Wind - Power Appliances
Wind power plays an important role in the energy political future consideration. Turbines, power converters and the components of the energy transfer must be checked in series. Elabo offers concepts matching all the typical requirements for the quality assurance and testing.