Component and Module Manufacturing
Capacitors, Transformers, Motors ..

One-stop shopping: That's what many users and purchasers in the production field wish for. Elabo realizes assembly and device testers also ready for occupancy for this application case. Aim is there primarily getting economic automated production operations which guarantee the quality to 100%.

Some partners in the field of mechanical engineering have reacted similarly and are integrating Elabo systems as OEM modules in their production lines and facilities. Some orders consisting of individual products for safety, functional and quality inspections are "normal", while others include cooperative development. The aim is, above all, to arrive at automated production processes that already include all electronic and electric inspections.




For the quality control and for the guarantee of the product safety: High voltageinsulation resistanceas well as PE - test are basics of the compulsory programme. 
Elabo has measuring and testing instruments tailored for these fields of application for the construction of process sure test positions in the portfolio. Also for OEM partner Elabo as a reliable partner has guaranteed quality for years. 
Kabel Wasserbad Tumb 180 Cables

Cables consist of conductors and the isolation. Special device testers to the gateway and insulation test at lines, cables, heater cables and complete wiring looms are offered by ELABO. A speciality are tests in the liquid bath - the cables to be checked are dipped into a liquid through which the quality of the isolation can be tested "up to the smallest crack" also under load conditions.

Kondensatoren Tumb 180

Capacitors are exposed to partly enormous loads. For manufacturers of these components ELABO offers a broad spectrum to testing solutions. Testing contents, such as the capacity and the isolation measuring, and load tests like the push current measurement and burning out of insulating faults form the base of the systems. Moreover, ingenious handling systems guarantee the economicalness of the solutions.


Transformers of all types and sizes must be tested after coiling and spilling. Besides the typical measuring of e.g. voltages and currents or the check of the dielectric strength is also an elementary check criterion. Elabo conceives the suitable system for every application case. For Print transformers or also for big transformers - Elabo, always the suitable solution!

Lüfter 180
Motors and Vents

Motors and ventilators must work in the continuous operation in the field over many years. 100% quality assurance one is therefore elementary at the manufacturing processes. Besides the typical safety checkings Elabo also integrates functional tests, warming and noise tests into testing solutions adapted on the production process individually, for example.

Elektronic modules
Besides the typically sfatey checks electronic modules become checkd also for functionality. Different physical parameters can automatedly be evaluated in the process of testing. The signal processing and the signal evaluation play a decisive role special in this. Automated solutions of Elabo always provide comparable and resilient results.
Installation 180
Components for Installation and Automatisation

Installation and automation components must be tested in the production process. High voltage and isolation resistance measurements but also warming and transition resistance measurements are carried out by the manufacturers. Elabo delivers the suitable equipment tailored to the requirements for this. Elabo - solutions for all tasks of the quality assurance.

Elektronik Flashing Software 
Programming systems which are provided with the files to be programmed just in time over a data server and testing and assembly cells for electronic modules. Also in this field Elabo realizes intelligent systems which make 100% checked quality possible.