From airbags to ignitions

Elabo supplies automotive companies and their suppliers. Safety, functional and quality inspections are performed in partially or fully automated processes. Systems for inspecting modern components from electric vehicles can also be developed and implemented.

bestueckungskontrollen Equipment Control
elektrikfunktionskontrollen Electric Function-ality Control
Spannung Voltage
Widerstand Resistance
Isolationswiderstand Insulation Resistance
Vorschau: Signalanalyse Signal Analysis
Vorschau: Vermessung_Pruefling

Contour Measurement

Vorschau: Auslenkwinkel Angle of Deflection
Vorschau: Vollstaendigkeitskontrolle
Vorschau: Optische_Quaitaet_Oberflaeche

Surface Quality

Vorschau: Programmierung Programming
  Automotive 5

Taking a look at the sample

Modern automobiles have numerous plug connectors for wires. To ensure that the crimp connections, for instance, between the plug connector and wires are in order before leaving the plant, Elabo offers image-assisted test systems. Checks are made here to ensure that the assembled wires are correctly positioned and attached in accordance with specifications. As a matter of course, other types of test objects can also be visually inspected with Elabo products.

Automotive 2

Checking the 30-kilogram threshold

To check the weight-sensor system or seat-occupancy switch integrated in automobiles, Elabo developed special measurement and test systems – first for seats in commercial vehicles and later for all types of seats. 
This helps ensure that the vehicle is indeed prevented from starting if the threshold is not met and ensure that seatbelt compliance monitoring functions correctly..
 Automotive 15   Checking components


Stamped grids molded in plastic represent the typical "conductor plates" in most vehicles today. With corresponding molding, entire modules can be manufactured in this way. Elabo has partnered for many years with various module manufacturers in the development of the inspection of these components, both mechanically and electrically.

Elabo's range of experience in the design and realization of such systems extends from ABS/ASR to airbag and locking systems to gearbox systems.

 Automotive 3   Applying visual markings
Many suppliers are required to furnish all their products with a marking, whether it’s printing serial numbers or lot numbers, so that test pieces can be traced, or simply applying customer logos to the products. Elabo integrates impact or pad printing as well as ink or laser labeling into the test system.
 Automotive 4   Getting a handle on low voltages 
Modern times: Voltage is required in the seats as well. Elabo's quick and easily performed safety tests ensure that no sources of danger are lying in wait here for vehicle occupants.
 Automotive 5   Communicating with one another


All vehicles today have BUS interfaces in which information from multiple control devices are collected and procedure hierarchies are stored. 

Values must be provided for an initialization program to ensure that communication functions seamlessly so that the control devices can talk to one another. Elabo ensures that the initialization program is actually running and verifies the stored values.

Programming of controls and sensors can also be realized in this context.